MacNet is a Premium Service Provider.  Let our Apple Certified Technicians do the job.  No appointment.  No problem.

MacNet will be closing its doors on March 15th, 2019. Our last day to take in new repairs is February 1st. We will offer counter support for software issues thru February 15th. All repairs must be picked up by February 28th, 2019 or it will be considered abandoned.


Typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days, not including part shipment.  

What about my data?

You are fully responsible for backing up your data prior to bringing your machine in for repair.  We are not responsible for any lost data.  We offer a temporary backup service just in case you forget.

basic SHOP rates*

  • AppleCare Warranty: $0

  • Over-the-Counter Help: $25 per 15 minutes

  • Diagnostic/Check-In: $50 (applied towards your repair)

  • RUSH Repair: $100**

  • Data Transfer (functional drive): $100

  • Data Recovery (non-functional drive): $400

  • Temporary Backup: $100 for 14 calendar days

  • Mac Password Reset/iOS Restore: $25

*Pricing does not include tax, which will be added at checkout (Hawaii GE Tax rate of 4.167%).

**Subject to availability.